The love poems in this section are dedicated to all those whose hearts I have had the privilege to share in discovery, delight, despair and, yes, even death. They all have an especially tender place in in my heart, yet the one whose love and “soft hand touched spark to tinder in my heart and set the flame of love alight” is singularly cherished and enabled me to learn to love, to trust and to be loved. It is with life’s finest feelings then, now and always, that I dedicate these poems to Elaine Windham Queener.

As Love Grew in My Life, JMK Acrylic on Wood, 1968

The Flame

What many months that grew to years have passed Since that soft hand touched spark to tinder in my heart and set the flame of love alight. That love, quite like a flame, with quiet plume, burned on with warmth from day to day. Was like the moon and stars or dawn to dusk in constancy. With sudden emptiness, no warm reflecting face returned the light. The flame shrank back from sharp, cold, winkless stars of night. The days and nights Their times and places kept. Till years swept by like mist. Multitudes of feet and faces filed by to note the fire burning low, yet carried on as though they noticed not. Then, from within the passing throng, a pause. Two feet passed close to ponder why the fire burned so low. Fanned by the north wind, leaped the flame to warm and light the hope that seemed so near yet stood afar and glowed so dimly that the blaze, though bright, could not illuminate the night and to its former self returned. However cold ensuing nights would be,The fires height had warmed the fuel so, That even though the will to live had fled, The warmth remained And urged the flame to grow and light the way For someone’s unseen need. Softly dusk became the night. Yet more softly came a shadow that would use The fire’s dim but steady light. Slow at first, but with a gathering intensity, Burned the flame, illuminating beauty that the shadow held. With modesty and feeling the fire and the figure Exchanged each other’s light for light until the radiating glow lit brightly Two diverging paths that they must take. Time and fortune pulled them on their separate ways Till only darkness camped about the flame. But seeing that in dimness lay no strength The flame took faith and burned on brightly, Sustained by patience and humility of that departed form.Now the fire has a clean and steady flame That burns with increased brilliance when the need is great Or dims a bit when the slings and arrows of misfortune bow it low.Yet, however bright or dim the light or warm the glow, Its power lies within the fuel of faith it burns.


Alive hands,
Strong softness, caressing, creating,
Reaching to fill needs
Of small heads, small hands fleeing,
Flying into flowered meadow lands of growing up,
And on.

Alive heart,
Though it break-mend-break giving love, living love.

Alive faith,
Knowing kneeling seeing walking blind in His hand in Him
In His love.

Alive eyes,
Radiant or tearful, filled with care
Glimmer glint glow-share the hearts most
Tender sad wonder joy feelings.
A window on your wonder person.

Alive touch,
Warm gentle giving caring lips.
Calling telling wonder beckoning
To be one in communion of love-touch-love.

Alive mind,
Sensing scintillating singing sighing
Flying with me, around me.
Moments musing memories soft in my heart-hand.

Alive you,
yes, alive you.
You are the most alive person I know,
And love.


Your breath is in me.
Your warmth follows me
In each step and desire.
The caress of the wind
Is your touch.
I feel you within me healing,
Becoming one from two.

I was low
And you lifted me
Into fragrance and light.
I was alone
And you came to me.
Your eyes looked right though me
Into my secret places
Where I hungered for you to see.
You kissed to me your heart
And caressed to me your promise
Of all that was you.

My heart has melted into you
To be with your pulse and breath.
Peace to you my dear one
And love in all its radiance and wonder.

I find fairy dust in my hair
And star dust on my feet.
An angel light rainbow surrounds me.
Your love sets me flying
With you, around you, within you.
Hope is before us, within us
An overflowing fountain
For all whom we love and touch.

With every heart beat I will join you.
Peace to you, my Diamond
As we grow and love.

Night Time Eye

With its single yellow night time eye
In the light of a brilliant moon
It tells me my love is far from me
And will not caress me soon.

The moonlit night is cool and still
And the eye says “no, not a trace”.
My heart speaks love to one far away
And yearns for her close embrace.

Come to me my soulmate lover.
Kiss me your thoughts once more.
Fly safely home to my empty arms
And fill my heart with yours

When the eye says “no, she is not near”
A call is a lifeline true.
To bring your precious warmth to me
And send all my love to you.

Rainbow Mama

Rainbows dancing,
Colors sparkling,
Crystals in the sun.
Hands enhancing
Thoughts entwining.
Loving’s just begun.

Gentle guiding,
Kissing, chiding,
Reaching hearts entwine
Growing, flowing,
Tender knowing,
Mama’s on the line.

Children stretching
Looking, seeing,
Tousled hair at play,
Fixing, kneeling,
Touching, healing,
Love will set the day.

Kissing, saying
Mama’s praying.
Night is falling soon.
Nodding, sleeping,
Dream quests keeping,
Footsteps to the moon.

Cap and gown and pen,
Coming back to
See their mama,
Rainbows dance again.

On Wings of Ether

My heart breathes out my love for you
And sets it adrift on an ethereal wind.
Breath deeply, darling, that you may feel
My beating heart entwine with yours.

Your tender thinking flows within me
And fuels my desire for your caress.
All my breathing is fragrant with your aroma
And my tongue reaches out for the taste of yours.

Your voice is within my very being.
The print of your kiss runs through me
As your embrace replies to my warm
Entreaty to heal this aching heart.

I miss you in each lonely moment
That our senses touch a different sky.
Take me, love, enfold my hunger
In the loving beauty of your desire.


It’s one in the morning
And the wind moans low
Like the ache in my heart
To hold you close to me.
I ask my god to send you
my softest caresses and kisses
to tell you of my love,
To speak of the emptiness
of my soul when I cannot be
close to your softness
and warmth.
Peace to you and all the love
I hold in my spirit for the sunshine
Of my life that you are.
May the wind carry gently
All my feelings and soft thoughts
To my dearest love.
Sweet dreams till we share
The tenderest touch.

My Angel’s Touch

When you touch me
With your mind,
With your heart and soul,
I become a super-man.
When you warm me with your lips and hands
I acquire magical powers to move the world,
To turn the night into day and push back the rain.
There isn’t anything that I can’t do
And nothing I won’t do
For my angel.
When you caress me with your breasts
And enfold me with the wetness of you,
I am no longer earthbound.
We fly to a place where all are one
And we are made of joy and light and love.
I move into you and with you
Until there is only us become one.
We return to earth in warmth, softness and peace;
A peace that penetrates us through and through and through,
A peace that only my angel can bring.
And when the touch is not,
There is darkness, dust, and pain.
Touch me, my angel.
Let the music of our souls
Soar around us, in us, through us.
And the light flying rainbows that we are
Will set every shadow flying.
Touch me, my love, my angel,
Touch me.