Human Factors

Designing the Interface for the User Instruction and Control Systems

Seawolf Class Submarine Situation Display Layout: There are more than 100 different metrics that are pictured, delineated or quantified on the display to inform the sub commander. These include: “own ship” (51) detectability, path and course; torpedo aim, course and coverage area (77 & 83); many parameters for the contact (2, 7, 13, 9, 10, 16 & 6). On the right top to bottom are; own ship alerts & data; a column of sea water from sea floor to surface, torpedo tube conditions, and at the bottom, own ship health display indicating OK or needs-to-be-cared-for status.
This is the Seawolf class submarine display to keep the commander informed about the eight torpedo tubes on the sub. Thirty or more parameters relevant to each tube are presented.
JMK Invented and Designed Commander’s Horizontal Display for the Seawolf Submarine: Several seamen could gather around the display and have an equally good view of the tactical information.
Working Out the 95th and the 5th Percentile Body Positions and Sight Lines
High End Timer Module