Describing the Concept and Giving Form to the Idea

The Cross Section Drawing of the Truss Work Necessary for a Five Foot Addition to the Garage Roof to Allow More Solar Panels
Display and Design for an Application to Reveal the Interchange of Three Color Environments: The Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and black (CYMK) Ink Color System; The Red, Green and Blue Light System for Displays; and L, u’, and V’ parameters of the CIE 1976 Chromaticity Diagram. One would be able to investigate how any surface illuminated by specific light sources and observed by any given sensor or eye might appear.
The Prototype Preflight Screen to Inform the Technician of the Many Parameters Existing on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Pear Ring and Neclace
The Idaho Engineer Highway Pavement Issue Cover Design
Page Three of my Resume, 1976
General Electric Secure Telephone Full Form and Fit Design Prototype
General Electric Secure Telephone Exploded Assembly View
General Electric Secure Telephone Cross Section
Kitchen Carving Knife Design; Note the Blade Angle and Finger Clearance
My Swimsuit Design Featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover
Design Drawing for the Swimsuit: The basis of the design was to enfold the body in a spiral and return tensile construction so that it would cling firmly to the body in every position which might occur during swimming and sports.
Simulator for Military Tank Combat Training: I designed the operator stations and incorporated human factors design for the controls and displays.
Close View of Operator Station