Man, Machine and Habitat

Air Flow Well Drilling: Adding a Second Ten Foot Casing Section
Lifting the Sand & Soil Through the Smaller Suction Tube with the Vacuum Cleaner
The Vacuum that Did Our Soil Lifting
Roof Detail for the 2 Door Out Building
Side View Showing Cantilever Porch Roof and the Pier Foundation
Foundation Slab on Pilings with Self Forming Slab Edge
Framing Mostly Done Showing Tapered Porch Roof Support Beams
Finished Shed: Near door is for gasoline powered equipment and is walled off and sealed from the rest of the building for odor control.
House-to-Shed Walkway Detail
We extended the garage roof to accommodate more solar panels.
Inside View and Structural Detail
New Roof Extension Before Solar Installation
The Solar Panels: Six Thousand Watts Under Favorable Conditions