The World of Pen and Brush

Imagination Run Wild on a Far Flung Planet
Created by flicking paint from a toothbrush.
Rain and Mist Watercolor
My Medical Bunker on Old Baldy Mountain in Vietnam
Acrylic Realism
An Old Alley Way, Watercolor
Confined Composition
The Night City by the Sea, Acrylic on Canvas
Tree Formed by the Wind, Wood Cut Block Print
Dunes in the Sun, Acrylic on Canvas
Dream City, Acrylic on Canvas
The Wandering Foot, Ink on Paper
Life Study in Pen and Ink
Friendship Ring in Sterling
Ear Rings in Sterling and Glass
Sleeping Dog in Pen and Ink
Copper Etching and Engraving Print
Pen Meets Typewriter
Inspirational Poster
Face in Ink Wash
Imaginary Wintry Town, Oil on Canvas, 1973
Part of My 1976 Resume, Printers Ink on Paper
Cover Art, Ink on Paper
The Good Earth, Watercolor
Hope, Watercolor
Stormy Seas on a Fire Shore, Oil on Canvas
Beach Dunes of the Soul, Acrylic on Canvas
Mind To Mind, Tempera on Paper Board
Dream Haven, Acrylic on Canvas
A Sky of Change, Acrylic on Canvas
A Sky of Change, Acrylic on Canvas
The Cup, Collage
Industry, Iron, Wood and Paint Collage
Faces, Collage
Diptych, Watercolor
Books, Paper Collage
Japanese Maple. Watercolor
A Cold Autumn, Watercolor
Nurons, Watercolor
Spring, Acrylic on Tagboard
Down to the Sea, Watercolor
Green Pea Plant, Watercolor
Old Barn, Watercolor
Fisherman’s Shack. Watercolor